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Mtn Ghana Internet Settings WAP, GPRS

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wrote the first post on how to manually configure Mtn Ghana internet settings on your phone but it seems not everybody got it clear. I am making it clearer for you today so you can be able to configure your Mtn internet settings on your phone. It doesn’t take a tech savvy to be able to do this. All you need is to understand the language of your phone(mostly in English ) and following the steps I am about to show.

Manual Mtn Ghana Internet Settings Configuration

Always make sure you have enough credits on your phone before attempting this. This is to ensure you get internet access on your phone when you’ve done the settings correctly. If you don’t have credits on your phone and even if you’ve done the settings correctly, you wouldn’t be able to access the internet and you might think the settings didn’t work.

The default way of configuring Mtn internet access on your phone is to dial *686# (or send a blank text to 686) and send. Wait for the response and if you phone can be configured automatically, you would receive a message and just follow the instructions you received in the message.
To those whose phones can’t be configured automatically, here are the settings

Mtn Ghana Internet Settings Configuration for China Phones

When I say china phones, I hope you understand me. Most smartphones and other mobile phones comes from China but I am talking about the ¢30 – ¢90 dual sim phones been sold all around the country.
Go to menu –> Connections —> Sim network (select mtn sim number, so if mtn is your sim 1, then select sim 1) –> Options –> New Connections –> Auth type (select or type none) –>Access Point or APN (type internet and save) –> Homepage (type http://www.google.com). Leave the remaining fields as they were and save it. You might be required to name your new settings, if yes just name it as Mtn. Make the new settings default and you are good to go.

Mtn Ghana Internet Settings Configuration for Sony Ericsson Phones

Go to menu –> Settings –> connectivity –> data communication –> data accounts –> new account –> select PS Data –> name ( type mtn) –> Apn or access point name ( type internet). Leave the remaining fields as they were and save. The go to menu –> Settings –> connectivity –> internet settings –> internet profiles –> select the one you just created (the name would be mtn on the list). save and you are good to go

Mtn Ghana Internet Settings Configuration for Nokia Phones

Nokia phones internet configuration is a bit difficult. If you can’t do it yourself, let somebody do it for you.
Go to menu –> settings –> connectivity –> packet data –> packet data connection ( select always on) then go back to packet data settings –> active access point –> Go to edit active access point –> packet data access point (enter internet and save). The go to menu –> settings –> configuration –> personal configuration settings –> Add new –> fill in the values, leave username and password nil. Go to preferred access point , select the one you’ve created and save. That’s all

Mtn Ghana Internet Settings Configuration for Android Phones

Go to menu –> settings –> wireless networks –> mobile network settings –> use packet data (enable this option to enable internet access via your sim network). Then go one step back and select access point names –> click menu button –> select New APN –> name (enter mtn) –> APN (type internet) –> Auth type (select none) –> APN type –>select internet. Save your new settings. That’s all you need to enable mtn internet access on your android phone.
To learn more about mtn ghana internet settings please go to ===>>> Mtn Ghana Internet Settings
I wish i could give you the settings for mtn Ghana internet settings for iphone, but unfortunately, I haven’t use the iphone before. Please google it and you would find other good tutorials there.
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