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Latest Facebook Status Tricks and Hacks

Written By Unknown on Sunday, 12 May 2013 | 14:42

Facebook, A leading social networking platform on which millions of user sharing their thoughts. Now days every facebook user wants to be attractive on this giant social networking site by updating cool status or by modifying profiles. Updating a status is like a daily routine for facebook addicts to influence other peoples and get maximum attention. So today we are sharing some latest facebook status tricks and pranks which will help you to get attention from other facebook users.

1) Facebook Status Trick To Update Status In Blue Color:

with the help of this facebook trick anyone can able to update facebook status in blue color which looks like link.

So here’s the Trick

1) Paste the following code in facebook status bar.

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]

2) Change ‘Type Here’ With your Actual facebook status.

3) Update status by clicking ‘Post’ and you’re done.

2) Facebook Status Trick To Update Status Via desired device: 

What..? Your mom said no for iphone, and you had promised with your friends that you are going to buy a brand new iphone 5. Don’t feel bad just use this facebook status trick to show your facebook friends that you had purchased a iphone.

Login with your facebook Account and Follow this link and update your status via preferred device.

3) Facebook Status Trick To Add a dislike button with like button:

Sometimes we need a unlike button with like button on facebook to know about your friends opinions on certain topic.

For i.e: Will Android beat Apple..?

If there is a dislike button…People in favor can like the status and people in opposition can dislike. By using this debate result will be clear.

So you can use a facebook application Known as “Magic updates” for this purpose.

1) Login to your facebook account.

2) Add this application https://apps.facebook.com/statusmagic to your profile and update status via it.

This facebook application will add a custom dislike button with your status update.

4) Facebook Status Trick To Schedule A Status: 

This is a latest facebook trick to pre schedule status message to publish them at specific time.

1) Follow This Link http://laterbro.com/ and login on facebook with facebook connect button.

2) Then use Later bro facebook application to pre schedule A facebook status to publish it at a specific time.

5) Facebook Status Trick To Add Symbols with A Status:

Sometimes we wish to add some symbols with our status message to make it look cool. Facebook doesn’t provide an inbuilt facility to use symbols with status. But there is a facebook trick by which we can use cool symbols with status message.

Follow this link http://fsymbols.com/all/ and copy desired symbol which you want to add to your status update.

6) Facebook Status Trick To Redirect a Friend to his own Facebook Profile:

This one is one of the latest facebook trick by which you can impress everyone on facebook.

Do you want to know…who is mine best friend on facebook..?

To check Answer click on this link: http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363

No need to shock Mates. The above link will redirect a user to his/her own facebook profile. You can also play the same prank on facebook with your friends.

7) Facebook Status Trick To Publish A Empty Status updates:

To Make this trick happen, Follow these simple steps

1) Login to your facebook profile.

2) Copy this code  @[2:2: ] 

3) Paste copied code in status bar and update your status. And you’re done.

8) Facebook Status Trick To Publish Your Status To Multiple Groups In A Single Click:

Many times we want to share a status on multiple group. For this reason facebook provides a share button, But sharing again and again same thing is too boring and the situation become worst when there are 100’s of groups on which we want to share a status.
But there is a trick by which we can publish our status to multiple groups in a single click.

1) Follow this link http://www.hexcolor.in/tools/multipost/#.T9Wn9rBYuOs 

2) Login with your facebook account via FConnect icon.

3) Write a status. You can also add image url or any site url.

4) Select desired groups to publish a status in single click.(Maximum 25 at a time otherwise it will give a error.)

5) Click on Post and you’re done.

9) Facebook Status Trick To See a Status in 3D:

By status analyzer 3D, We can get a 3D view of our status Beside this we can also share 3D view of a status with our friends.

To use status analyzer 3D follow this link https://apps.facebook.com/statusanalyze_fb/ 

10) Facebook Status Trick To Update Facebook Status of your friend from your E-mail account:

Yes its possible to update facebook status of your friend from your E-mail account. You can use this facebook trick to play pranks with your friends on facebook.

So here we start

1) Share this link 
https://m.facebook.com/upload.php?_rdr with your friends on facebook and compromise them to click on this link. Don't worry it is not a malicious link so if you want to check how this link work, you can also click on this.

2) After that 
Tell them to tell you the email that is under "Email a photo or video to".

3) Once you get this email you are almost done. Now just send a email on this email address with your status message written in Subject field of email and leave other fields empty.

4) Now send this email to update desired facebook status on your friends facebook account.

NOTE: Always write Facebook status in Subject field of email and this email address changes each time when your facebook friend changes his/her password or email id. So, if this facebook trick won't work after sometime then again follow this trick from step 1.

Do you have any other facebook status trick in mind..leave your valuable comments in comment box below.


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