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Top Windows 7 Tips And Tricks

Written By Unknown on Thursday, 16 May 2013 | 04:20

More than 70% of total computer users are using windows
windows 7 tips and tricks
operating system as a primary operating system. These computer users usually search internet for some kind of pc tricks which can be helpful to increase the productivity of their windows machine. So today we are sharing 15 windows 7 tips and tricks which would be helpful in order to increase the efficiency of your computer.
This article is a combination of windows tips as well as windows tricks. By applying these tips and tricks, a window user can save a lot valuable time.

#1: Windows 7 trick to set up screen resolution:

in typical windows machine, the only way to set up the screen resolution is by accessing display properties. Instead of this windows 7 provides a shortcut in right click mouse menu by which we can set up the windows resolution manually.
To set up windows resolution, right click, select screen resolution and then select your preferred screen resolution.

#2: Windows 7 trick to speedily access the windows folder:

Windows 7 provides an explorer icon in task bar, by which we can directly access the libraries folder. Library folder includes folder like Documents, music, pictures and videos.

#3: How to change the background of windows media player:

Windows media player implicitly doesn’t provides an option to change background, But there is a windows 7 registry trick by which we can change it without having any of the problem, So to change background of windows media player follow these steps:

1) Go to Run and type “Regedit”, It will open a registry editor.
2) locate this key in registry editor
3) Double click on the key LibraryBackgroundImage and enter a value between 0 to 6 (each number represents a background).

#4: move open windows:

If we press windows logo key + arrow key, then we will see the hover window is moving in the different sides according to the pressed arrow key. We can also minimize our opened hover window by pressing windows logo key + two times down arrow key.

#5: Windows 7 trick to access hidden themes:

Windows 7 doesn’t come bundled with a huge set of themes with it, so here is a simple windows 7 trick by which we can use windows 7 themes which aren’t made for us.
Just type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box and press enter. You will see some folders of themes which are made for other countries like USA and Canada.

#6: Install windows 7 on netbook with a pendrive or flash drive:

To install windows 7 on a net book with a pendrive, Take a 4GB pendrive and format it with FAT32 file system, Then just copy an ISO image to the pendrive by xcopy d:\ e:\ /d /e (where d: is the DVD drive which contains windows cd in it and e: is the pen drive location). It will create a bootable pendrive by which you can easily install windows 7 on netbook.

#7: Make a system repair disc:

Almost all versions of windows supports this handy feature, making system repair disc is helpful in situations when we are facing problems booting windows.
System repair disc restore the windows to an old state without affecting your hard disk data. To create a system repair disc go to start, then maintenance and then create a system repair disc.

#8: New windows 7 calculator:

New windows 7 calculator looks like vista one, but if you look it closely then you will find a lot of advance modes like standard, scientific, programmer and statistics. These modes support thousands of operations to solve a complex problem. To activate any of the mode just click on view and select mode.

#9: Experience the new windows 7 WordPad:

The all new windows 7 WordPad supports format like .docx and .odt, so now you don’t need to download Microsoft office 2007, in order to open a ms office 2007 word document.

#10: Zoom in and Zoom out in an easy way:

Windows 7 made accessing of magnifier lot more easier than its predecessor, to zoom in press windows key and + and to zoom out press windows key and -

#11: Burn Cd and Dvd’s with windows 7 built in burner:

Windows 7 provides its own burner to burn cd’s and Dvd’s, So we don’t need to download softwares like nero to burn ISO. To burn an ISO file, Right click on the ISO file and select Burn Disc image, or easier just double click the ISO file.

#12: Windows 7 trick to calibrate screen:

To calibrate screen, just type dccw in start menu search and press enter. It leads you to adjustments of gamma, brightness and contrast.

#13: Windows 7 trick to tune the clear type font display:

To tune up the clear type font display, First go to run and then type cttune.exe. you will get the text looking perfect on the screen.

#14: Use windows 7 credential manager to save usernames and passwords:

Windows 7 introduced a new tool in control panel known as credential manger, with the help of credential manager we can save our usernames and passwords, these usernames and passwords are saved in a vault that can be backed up when required.

#15: Change the order of taskbar options:

many windows users worry for their taskbar, so if you are one of them, Here is a great news. You can easily arrange the taskbar options in any order by dragging and dropping.

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