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How to Bypass Online Surveys

Written By Unknown on Saturday, 20 September 2014 | 05:05

Surveys are those annoying to-dos which almost each and every user hate to complete. Generally, folks offer valued content for free concealing it behind a survey. This way, they make money i.e. approx. $1.5-$10 per Survey completion. However, much frequently, either the survey or offer is not available in few countries or for some users or else these surveys are pretty difficult, time consuming and non-traceable for no reason.

This annoys people a lot, even I do get irritated when I see the content I want is locked behind a survey. So, I thought of finding some solution to this annoying problem i.e. how to overcome online surveys or how to delete online surveys and acquire access to the content we need.
I can be pretty certain that there are many who are unable to complete these surveys and are looking for an easy and free trick for bypassing online surveys. For all of them and even the rest of iPostBlogs’ readers, I actually have found a TRICK.
Follow the directions carefully and You’ll be able to skip online surveys for free within seconds. Yeah, less than a minute. So let’s get started.
As the process is a part of your Browser’s options, there are different instructions for different browsers. And since Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the foremost used Web Browsers, I have given instructions for just these two.

Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Instructions:

    Open the Survey Page (The page where you can see a Survey). Typically, this sort of pages have pop-up surveys. If this is not the case with you, No Problem. Continue.
    Right Click anywhere (normally, in the area of survey) and click on ‘Inspect Element’. A new bottom-bar will appear.
    In the newly appeared bottom-bar, search for the line of code which contains the word ‘block’. This is the line of code which has been set to block your access to the content.
    Once you discover that line of code, right click on that line and click on ‘Delete Node’. Once you delete the node (line of code) which had the word ‘block’, you’ll see that the survey pop-up has disappeared from your screen.
    That’s it. The required content is now yours. Enjoy!

This way you can easily bypass most of online surveys with no hiccups and issues. I think this is damn quick and easy! Isn't it?
Feel free to share your love with us, share this post with your friends. Also, do leave your suggestions and comments. I’ll look forward for them.


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